(A) Upcoming Events ... Don't Miss Out!

Next PLC:  Monday May 27th 2019  
: Gothic Landscaping - 27502 Avenue Scott, Valencia.   Class A Uniform.  Please contact SPL if you have a conflict. 
Next Troop/Patrol Meeting: 
The next Troop Meeting Tuesday May 14th 2018. 7.00-8.30 SRE MPR.

Next Patrol ElectionsTBC.  Please email Scoutmaster Mary Ostlund maryostlund@oldglorytroop499.com with your declaration of candidacy.

Next Court of Honor: The COH is June 11th 2019 Hart Park Campsite No1 7.00-8.30pm

Next Committee Meeting:    Monday May 27th 2019 Committee Meetings are held at 7pm (Gothic Landscaping - 27502 Avenue Scott, Valencia) ... You can find last months minutes below under in the files section.  Please consider coming along to a committee meeting as we are always after parents to come along to find out what is happening in the Troop - you too can be part of the planning for events.  We need some extra participation - come support your scouts in our wonderful Troop. 


Are you ready for a Hiking/Overnighter Adventure?

Troop 499 is Hiking Mount San Antonio on May 18th and 19th! Mount San Antonio is one of the “Four Saints” colloquially referred to as Mount Baldy with a Peak Elevation of 10,064 feet!

Our Trip Itinerary…

May 18th - Everyone should eat a good breakfast at home before meeting the Troop.

1. We will ALL meet at 7:00am SHARP on May 18th at Pico Canyon Park in Stevenson Ranch. Once we have gathered we will Travel to the Mt. Baldy Parking Lot at the base of the Scenic Chair Lifts.
2. We will all meet at the Parking Lot and take the Scenic Chair Lifts as a Group to the Mt. Baldy Resort. *(Recommended to Travel Light with a Back Pack)
3. At the Top of the Chair Lift we will gather and have a chance to fill up our water bottles for the hike and we will select a camp site near the Devils Backbone Trail to pitch our tents. We will start our hike to the Peak with only our Day Pack and Sack Lunch.
4. It will take about 2 hours and 45 minutes to make it to the Peak and this is where we will stop to Enjoy the Views and have lunch. ALL HIKERS MUST PRE-PACK A SACK LUNCH. Bring Water!
5. We will Hike Down about 1 hour and 45 minutes back to Base Camp.
6. We will then enjoy a Zipline Ride at Mt. Baldy Resorts.
7. We can rest up until Dinner at Mt. Baldy Resorts Restaurant starting at 6:00pm. *See Meal List Below.
8. Hopefully there will be a clear sky night so we can see plenty of stars and planets. Then Sleep.

May 19th

9. We will have Breakfast starting after 8:00am at the Mt. Baldy Resort Restaurant. *See Meal List Below.
10. After Breakfast we will take the Chair Lift down and travel home.

All of the activities: 1 Dinner BBQ, 1 Breakfast, Chair Lift Tickets, Zipline, Camping, Bathroom Access, Drinking Water are Included for $60 each person. *Must sign up signup genius by April 23rd and Pay Troop 499 the $60 in advance. https://squareup.com/store/troop499

Things to do and bring on the Trip:
1. Eat A Good Breakfast at home in the morning of May 18th.
2. Make a Sack Lunch at home on May 18th to eat at the Mountain Peak for LUNCH. *Don’t forget to plan ahead and bring your Lunch in the morning.**Don’t use mayonnaise. Only food that will stay fresh for the Hike.
3. Bring 2 Reusable Bottles of Water, any snacks you like when camping and hiking.
4. Bring 1 Day Back Pack that you will use on the Hike and pack light for Overnight Camping Trip.
5. Bring a Sleeping Bag and a Pillow if desired - remember you will need to carry this with you up the Chair Lift.
6. Wear light hiking or gym shoes. Bring extra socks.
7. Bring Sunscreen, a Hat, Sun Glasses if desired. Be Prepared.

IMPORTANT****Please read and observe the Policy for Dispersed Camping Regulations below - click on PDF.****

Please contact Ed Dolce if you have any questions: Cell #818-326-3623 or edolce@socal.rr.com <mailto:edolce@socal.rr.com


This is coming up May 25th 2019 and we are in need of an adult leader to head up this event and also for scouts to sign up to attend.  This is a great event to support the community.  Signup Genius


SM Mary Ostlund is looking at putting together our usual program for Atria Senior center, if you have cub scouts or girl scouts that would like to be a part of the program please let me know ASAP. This event is very special to our seniors many of who served our great country. So I would appreciate all the help I can get. I will need singers and musicians, some readers for poetry. I look forward to giving them a very deserved tribute.

SUMMER CAMP You need to now start getting your medical forms completed and handed in at a Troop Meeting.  This includes forms A, B and C (The Medical Form). Our third payment has passed 3/31/2019.  Our troop is attending Boy Scout Camp this summer at Mataguay Scout Ranch located just northeast of San Diego. We are going during the week starting July 7 through July13. Camp Mataguay offers an amazing program at an extremely reasonable price - just $405 per scouts!! With a relatively short drive, this camp provides an excellent opportunity for our troop. We need to put a deposit down on a campsite this week, which means we need to start to gauge interest from our troop. You can find some great information on camp including the Merit Badge information on the Summer Camp page.    Signup Genius 2019 Troop Activity List

The payment schedule is listed below:  You can pay online at https://squareup.com/store/troop499  This will confirm your interest in Summer Camp.

1/25/2019 - Payment 1 $105/scout - PASSED
2/28/2019 - Payment 2 $105/scout – PASSED
3/31/2019 - Payment 3 $105/scout - PASSED
4/30/2019 - Final payment Passed

PLEASE REPLY to SM Mary Ostlund
maryostlund@oldglorytroop499.com if your scout is planning on attending Boy Scout Camp this summer.

Upcoming Dates: 

May 14th Troop Meeting

May 21st Troop Meeting

May 27th Committee/PLC Meeting

May 28th Patrol Meeting

Other Troop Events: 

* RECRUITMENT PERSON NEEDED: We are in need of a recruitment person to help recruit scouts, especially since LDS is disengaging with BSA soon.  If interested please contact Diane Solomon.

* POPCORN CHIEF SCOUT OPPORTUNITY: We are looking for a scout to serve as Popcorn Chief to assist with popcorn sales and learn the marketing side of selling!  If this is your scout then please see Ryan Finley for more information and to request the position.

ONLINE PAYMENTS: We are pleased to announce that Troop 499 is now accepting on-line payments!   Annual registration is due October 16th, so please follow this link to pay:   https://squareup.com/store/troop499     You can also buy your Class B shirts, troop jackets, etc as well as pay for many events.  

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