(A) Upcoming Events ... Don't Miss Out!

Next PLC:  Monday, December 23rd 2019  
: Gothic Landscaping - 27502 Avenue Scott, Valencia.   Class A Uniform.  Please contact SPL if you have a conflict. 
Next Troop/Patrol Meeting: 
The next Troop Meeting Tuesday December 10th 2019.  Troop COH, Hart Park Campsite No 1, 7.00-8.30pm.  

Next Patrol Elections: TBC.  Please email Scoutmaster Mary Ostlund maryostlund@oldglorytroop499.com with your declaration of candidacy.

Next Court of Honor: The COH is December 10th 2019 Hart Park Campsite No1 7.00-8.30pm

Next Committee Meeting:    Monday December 23rd 2019 Committee Meetings are held at 7pm (Gothic Landscaping - 27502 Avenue Scott, Valencia) ... You can find last months minutes below under in the files section.  Please consider coming along to a committee meeting as we are always after parents to come along to find out what is happening in the Troop - you too can be part of the planning for events.  We need some extra participation - come support your scouts in our wonderful Troop. 

Upcoming Dates: 

December Broomball

December COH

Troop Meeting December 17th

Patrol Night December 24th

Other Troop Events: 



Without our volunteers we would not have a functioning Troop and with the new year coming up we are desperately after some parent recruits to help out. Below are the following positions that we need to fill.  A few of these positions, you do not need to be leader trained for, and can easily do from the comfort of your home.  Any questions at all regarding these positions you can contact SM Mary Ostlund or person listed after the position for verification.


-       Secretary – Someone to attend the Committee Meetings and take the minutes of these meetings and then send out to all Members. Contact Vicky Jeffries Vicky@jeffriesmedia.com

-       Merchandise Chair – Someone to take control of the stock of merchandise that we have and hopefully make a plan to bring along to future meetings to see if we can sell this off.  Also, for any new scout joining, to complete their merchandise order. 

-       Communication Coordinator – Someone to send out the weekly updates to let the Troop know what is happening. Contact Vicky Jeffries Vicky@jeffriesmedia.com

-       Fundraising Chair – Mr Tuazon who has done this for a few years will be finishing up next year due to his son aging out.  We will need someone to take over the duties of the Popcorn Kernel and any other fundraising that the Troop chooses to partake in.  For questions you can contact Hank Tuazon hank-t@att.net.

-       Leader Training Coordinator – Mrs Boylan has taken charge of this position for a few years and also has a son aging out and will need someone to take over her position.  Contact her at ecboylan@sbcglobal.net for questions.

-       Advancement Chair – to help with the input of details into Scoutbook and arrange the awards that are handed out at the quarterly COH.

* RECRUITMENT PERSON NEEDED: We are in need of a recruitment person to help recruit scouts, especially since LDS is disengaging with BSA soon.  If interested please contact Mary Oslund.

* REGISTRATION PERSON NEEDED: We are in need of a Registration person, someone to help out with the Recharter process for the 2021 Season.  And to assist any new scouts that are joining with paperwork. If interested, please contact Mary Oslund.

* SECRETARY POSITION: We are in need of someone to take the minutes at each Committee Meeting.  If interested, please contact Mary Oslund.

* POPCORN KERNAL/POPCORN CHIEF SCOUT OPPORTUNITY: We are looking for a new parent to start shadowing Hank Tuazon to be our replacement Popcorn Kernal in the coming year.  His son is aging out soon and we are going to need a replacement to take over.  Also a scout to serve as Popcorn Chief to assist with popcorn sales and learn the marketing side of selling!  If this is your scout then please see Mary Ostlund for more information and to request the position.

ONLINE PAYMENTS: We are pleased to announce that Troop 499 is now accepting on-line payments!   Annual registration is due October 16th, so please follow this link to pay:   https://squareup.com/store/troop499     You can also buy your Class B shirts, troop jackets, etc as well as pay for many events.  

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