(A) Upcoming Events ... Don't Miss Out!

Next PLC:  Monday April 24th (Gothic Landscaping - 27502 Avenue Scott, Valencia).   Class A Uniform.  Please contact SPL if you have a conflict. 

Next Troop/Patrol Meeting: The next Troop Meeting is Thursday April 20th at Stevenson Ranch Elementary School

Next Troop Elections:  Thursday May 11th.  Scout who want to run for a troop leadership position must notify Scoutmaster Ryan and SPL Matthew Yahata by May 4th.  

Next Court of Honor: The COH will be in Thursday June 15th at TBD.  Assignments will be posted once assigned by PLC:

         Masters of Ceremonies                                     
        Color Guard:                                   
        Troop Colors                                
        Rank Readings:                                
        Cleaning Up:                                    
Next Committee Meeting:    Monday May 1st 7pm (Gothic Landscaping - 27502 Avenue Scott, Valencia) ...

Hart District "Western Trails" Camporee:  Friday May 5th to Sunday May 7th
Other Troop Events: 

Troop Fundraiser:  Dominos Pizza Night, Thursday April 27th ... 23329 Lyons Avenue ... send the flyer below to all of your friends!!

Order of the Arrow Elections:  Thursday April 27th

Summer Camp:  Camp Cherry Valley June 25th to July 2nd ... Summer Camp page link

See News & Happenings For Event Details ...  2News & Happenings (Link)

See Other Scouting Activities for fun activities scouts can pursue individually ... Other Scouting Activities (Link)

Check out the NEW Troop Master page ... check out your scouting records and update your contact information on-line ... (5) Troop Master Scouting Records
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