(A) Upcoming Events ... Don't Miss Out!

Next PLC:  Monday TBC  
(Gothic Landscaping - 27502 Avenue Scott, Valencia).   Class A Uniform.  Please contact SPL if you have a conflict. 

Next Troop/Patrol Meeting: The next Troop Meeting Thursday December 14th. Stevenson Ranch Elementary MPR:  7.00-8.30pm. White Elephant gift exchange; snowball fight!  Elections are also happening this meeting.  Be there to vote!

Next Troop Elections:  TBD

Next Court of Honor: The COH is TBC location is at TBC 7-8.30pm.

         Masters of Ceremonies                                     
        Color Guard:                                   
        Troop Colors                                
        Rank Readings:                                
        Cleaning Up:                                    
Next Committee Meeting:    Monday TBC 7pm (Gothic Landscaping - 27502 Avenue Scott, Valencia) ...

Other Troop Events: 

ONLINE PAYMENTS: We are pleased to announce that Troop 499 is now accepting on-line payments!   Annual registration is due October 16th, so please follow this link to pay:   https://squareup.com/store/troop499     You can also buy your Class B shirts, troop jackets, etc as well as pay for many events.  You can pay by credit card at troop meeting by seeing Diane Solomon.

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