Due to the confidential nature of contact information the Troop has posts the Roster on Google Drive.  Access to our Google Drive a separate Log-In for this website.  Once you are logged in, you should see navigation bar at the top of your screen.  On some PC's you will need to hover over the letter "A" and then click the arrow pointing Left to get to Google Mail and Google Drive.
In order to access these secured Documents, you will need to register for an oldglorytroop499.com account.  This is a simple process:
  1. Send an account request email to Communications Chairperson, Ben Hope:  benhope@oldglorytroop499.com
  2. The Communication Chairperson will set up an account for you (firstlast@oldglorytroop499.com) and send a return email confirming your user name and temproary password
  3. You will be promted to reset your password when you "Sign In" to your account for the first time ... "Sign In" is located top left side of the page under Patrol pages (which are also secured)
  4. Should you lose your password, send an email to the Communications Chairperson and he/she can reset it for you. 
Still Having Problems getting to Google Drive:  Try this Link
Please note:  The Roster will be accessible (read access) to all registered members of the Troop.  There are other documents in Google Docs for which the author may limited access rights based on who needs to have access.