(L) Photos

Due to space limitations on our Google website, we are now hosting photos on box.com.  The pictures can be accessed at the following location
(click on this link):   Troop 499 Photos


You can still access some of our older pictures (2006-10), as noted below: 

To View our Troop Photos, select the Event Photos you wish to view from the Dropdown listing below the photo shown, and then:
1) Click on the first picture and that will launch Picasa Web Albums, from which you can view the entire album (better quality), or
2) Scroll to the Bottom of the page and click on the thumbnails of each picture in the album
NOTE:  Once you launch the Picasa Viewer, you can click on the "Troop 499's Gallery" at the top of the page to gain access to all of the Troop photo albums.

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