Summer Camp

Summer 2018 - Troop 499 went to Camp Chawanakee - keep an eye on this page for more details of next years summer camp location!

July 8th - July 14th 2018
Trail to First Class ... Canoeing ... Handicrafts ... Merit Badges ... Horsemanship
Photography ... Outdoor Games ... Orienteering ... 
Robotics ... Archery Range ...Rifle and Shotgun Shooting
and more ...

 Here's your timeline of what needs to be done in the next few weeks:

Volunteer to file the tour permit for the trip

Volunteer to retrieve the following items from camp storage and bring to the HOA pool on 7-7: firewood, EZ-up, cooler, flags, 2 patrol boxes checked for completeness

Volunteer to organize and manage the "emergency call list"

- Pay balance of camp fees (SquareUp)

- Pay $50 travel fee (SquareUp)

- Swim Test, 6-10 @ 4pm. Northbridge Point HOA Swimming Pool. 23804 Grandview Drive in Valencia. Alternate date is 7-7 @ 4pm.  Swim test in MANDATORY

- BSA Health Form C signed by physician. MANDATORY

- Shooting permission slip - MANDATORY  (fill it out even if your son is not signed up for the merit badge as they can shoot in their free time)

- Dietary Concerns?  See attached leader guide for information

- Merit badge pre-requisites? Print merit badge workbook(s) from the internet and complete pre-reqs per leader guide attached and bring to camp

- Totin Chip card - bring it to camp or take class over to bring your pocketknife to camp

- 2 orange cards

- Choose tent buddy or be assigned at camp (2 per tent). Both scouts must agree to the choice.

- Prep money for camp - needed for applicable merit badges, lunch both ways while driving, spending money in camp (suggested around $50 per scout for spending money).

- Prep medications (if applicable) and instructions for leaders

- Email Diane Solomon with your "emergency phone number" while the scouts are at camp. I NEED SEVERAL ADULTS TO VOLUNTEER TO BE THE TELEPHONE CHAIN IN THE EVENT OF EMERGENCY. ALSO NEED ONE OUT-OF-STATE CONTACT. Email Diane Solomon



Gear Check:  Duffel bag (Costco has wheeled duffels that are the perfect size for camp around $30), sleep bag, plastic cover for mattress, mess kit, toiletries, shower shoes, closed-toed water shoes, chapstick, sunscreen, 10 essentials, refillable water bottle, swimsuit, towel, large garbage bag for water canoe, jacket/sweatshirt, camp chair, hanger, class A, Class B (buy your shirt now). See attached leader guide for more information or check troop website for packing information




First week July:

- Turn into Dawn Chun: Health forms A, B, C

- Turn into Diane Solomon: Shooting permission slip

- Mail "care package" around 7-5.  See attached leader guide for information and mailing address

- 7-7 @ 4pm. Northbridge Point HOA Swimming Pool. 23804 Grandview Drive in Valencia. Alternate date is 7-7 @ 4pm.  Swim test in MANDATORY

- 7-7 @ 4pm. Gear drop-off at Northbridge Point HOA Community Pool. NO EXCEPTIONS. You should also turn in your medication (if applicable) and scout money if you want the adult leaders to help scouts manage.


7-8 @ 9am (arrive at 8.30). Departure from Pico Canyon Park. 25600 Pico Canyon Road (Old Glory).

Bring day pack, money for lunch or brown bag lunch. Electronics OK for vehicles, bring car charger and charging cord.


7-14 @ 3pm - expected return day and time to Pico Canyon Park. You will receive a phone call early afternoon per the "emergency contact list" with the exact time

 As a troop, we are excited to announce our summer 2018 trip to Camp Chawanakee located next to Shaver Lake in California (

The camp week will occur July 8, 2018 to July 14, 2018 and the program offers all the fun and adventures of camp by being a part of swimming, boating, hiking, biking, cooking, field sports and much more. 

The beauty and majesty of camp will act as a natural backdrop for an exceptional outdoor learning experience.


Please review the information below for due dates and trip costs.


Scout gear is loaded at Pico Canyon Park (25600 Pico Canyon Rd, Stevenson Ranch) on Saturday July 7th and we depart on Sunday July 8, 2017 at 7:00am. We arrive back on July 14, 2017 around 4pm .


We are excited to have this opportunity for adventure and growth for our troop 


Space Exploration

                We are upgrading Space Exploration Merit Badge for Camp Chawanakee. Each Scout will build a rocket and launch and retrieve it twice. The Scout may bring a rocket he made from home but no engines. We will control engines and launches. A Scout can purchase a rocket and a two engine “ticket” at the trading post and the rockets and engines will be at the Nature Lodge and under the guidance of that staff. The cost for a kit will be $22 and this covers the costs.


Astronomy Merit Badge

In the past we have had Scouts go up on the rocks and sleep out in order to track the movement of the Big Dipper over several hours and sketch this. Now we will have an Astronomy hike in early evening, locate and identify 10 constellations and plot the Big Dipper. Scout will then return to their campsites and wake up a few hours later to sketch the position of the Big Dipper to note the changes. Some weeks the Big Dipper falls below the horizon at that time of the year and they can so note that. They also reference the Northern Star which does not move much at all. This change will help our staff and keep your Scouts under your care.


Trail to First Class is now First Year Scout program

                The program will be organized with a separate program area and staff. The program is offered during the morning time slot. Signing up for individual time slots is not required.

                Scouts should participate depending on their previous experience and progress toward completing their individual, “Trail to First Class”. They will have an opportunity to work on skills linked to Tenderfoot, Second Class & First Class Advancement.

                Scouts will receive documentation of their attendance and requirements worked at end of camp. However, skill testing and sign off with remain as a Troop opportunity / responsibility.




Its time to pick what you will be doing at Summer camp.......

Below you will find the file for the merit badges that are offered this summer. Please email me back your selections with your Scout Rank and birth date. 
Since it is a small group this year just give me First choices as I have faith that we are going to get the ones we want if you get them to me by Thursday morning.

Some notes:

You can take four Merit Badges. All classes are in the morning for 45 minutes a class. Its best to fill all four sessions with a class.

There are Pre-reqs, extra costs  and Age limits so look before you chose.. The pre-reqs  are on if you want to look them up.

Try at least one Eagle Required one : makes for a fun and productive camp.

Try at least one Physical one : its beautiful and you are outdoors!

New Boys or those below Tenderfoot Rank: It is recommended that you take Trail to First Class Periods 1 and 2 and then Merit Badges Periods 3 and 4. Try Eagle Required SWIMMING (Brisk and Refreshing) Period 3 and then either ARCHERY or RIFLE SHOOTING Period 4.

The Nature Merit Badges are Drop In Independent Study ( no Session under Periods Taught Column) . The camp has the reading materials you need to study and then you discuss what you read with a Counselor.

First Aid, Small Boat Sailing, COPE, Camping, Canoeing, Climbing, Lifesaving take up two session either 1 AND 2      OR         3 AND 4.

Tentative Plans include an all troop Canoe trip across Shaver Lake on Wednesday Night at 7 pm.  Snacks served on the other side and then a race to beat the sun setting paddle back to camp.

Tentatively, the optional All Troop Merit Badge will be ROBOTICS on THURSDAY afternoon.  Optional but should be a fun , productive afternoon.

And finally, we will be doing MANDATORY Camp BSA Swim tests PRIOR to camp. Tentative Date : July 7 Time TBA

Thank you - email your choices to me ASAP

Jill Gebhardt
Important Dates:
First Installment Payment Due ($100):  January 4, 2018 
Second Installment Payment Due ($100):  Feb 20, 2018 
Final Installment Payment Due ($200):  May 22, 2018  A great way to invest part of your tax refund :-) 
BSA Physicals:  June 1, 2018 

Total Cost and Types of Payments Accepted

The total cost for each scout is $400. Siblings receive a $25 discount. This fee does not include transportation, lunch on travel days, camp t-shirt or spending money in camp. Your scout may use funds is his scout account from popcorn fundraising if it is available. Contact me for the amount in scout accounts.


Payments will be accepted at

More Info to come ....  
Have any questions, send an email to ASM Diane Solomon

Click on this below link for more information on Chawanakee 

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