WHAT is Troop Leadership Training?
Troop Leadership Training (TLT) is Scoutmaster - directed training, divided into three modules.  Each module is designed to take no more than one hour. The material draws from and reinforces the elements of the Patrol Leader Handbook, the Scoutmaster Handbook, and NYLT. 

Each youth leader should have experienced all three modules before going to the council-sponored National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) course. Like the National Youth Leadership Training, Troop Leadership Training sessions are organized into topics that explain

  • What he must Know to successfully fill his leadership position
  • What a youth leader must Be to be successful
  • What he must Do to carry out his new responsibilities

Completion of all three modules qualifies the Scout to wear the Trained patch. 

Participation in TLT will be a MUST each time a Scout changes leadership roles within the troop or his patrol. 

TLT will be conducted every 6 months in our troop, in the month following our troop elections in March and September.

Ben Hope,
Apr 15, 2010, 10:21 AM